Yamazaki Kento to appear in ViVi Sep’17 issue

Yamazaki Kento is no stranger to ViVi magazine. He took the #1 spot in the “ViVi National Treasure Ikemen” ranking twice in a row – second half of 2015 & first half of 2016 – and is the only person to date to have entered the Hall of Fame.

In the September 2017 issue that will be released tomorrow, there will be an 8-pages feature on Kento including an over 6000-words long interview and a special photoshoot consisting of four themes: Diamond, LOVE, Crazy and Peace!

During the photoshoot for the 「LOVE」 theme, the editors unreasonably requested him to “express the aura of love”, but Kento simply responded with “okay!” (lol), which made the photographer say “he is an actor ne!”. For the 「Crazy」 theme photoshoot, Kento wore something that “only Yamazaki Kento can pull off”, and he had to do some crazy moves. “Even if he wore this out for a date, since it’s Kento-kun, he’ll be forgiven.”

Added @ 8:50AM – Two preview shots from ViVi Topic

Tシャツ¥28000/アメリカンラグ シー 新宿フラッグス店(ディマ・レウ)
パンツ¥18000/HEMT PR(ブフト)

ガウン¥20000/HEMT PR(オールド パーク)
シャツ¥5800/ツナギ ジャパン(ヴィンテージ)
パンツ¥84000/アメリカンラグ シー 新宿フラッグス店(ブラックミーンズ)

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