Fukuda Yuichi’s Tweet on 20 July, 2018

I was dealt the first ever surprise in my life 😅 When you are totally being deceived, you can’t show any interesting reaction right 😅 The members that Oguri-kun, Muro-kun and Kaku Kento-kun worked hard to gather together celebrated my birthday for me 😭 I’m grateful! […]

Good Doctor official goods!

Neckstrap – 1,000yen (incl. tax) – used in the drama by Togo Memorial Hospital staff Clear File – 400yen (incl. tax) – front & back Mini Towel – 850yen (incl. tax) – 250mm x 250mm – modeled after Minato-sensei! Ball […]

Good Doctor’s Tweet on 18 July, 2018

Today is #ItaoItsuji-san’s ✨✨55 year old✨✨ birthday🎂 Itao-san, happy birthday😊!! Yesterday, we celebrated it in advance🎉 May it be a great year ahead for Itao-san🐸🌈 #GoodDoctor #YamazakiKento #UenoJuri #TotsugiShigeyuki #AsakaKodai #MatsuiDaigo #IkeokaRyosuke #FujiTV

Good Doctor’s Tweet on 17 July, 2018

During the waiting time of Famous scene from Ep 1✨✨ \ Minato-sensei, good job👊🏻 *click*/ A shot 📸🌈 of YamaKen and HamaKen good friends who have telepathy while they practiced for the actual take This isn’t janken yo〜✊🏻✌🏻🖐🏻 #GoodDoctor #YamazakiKento #HamanoKenta #Ep2Airs19July […]

Good Doctor’s Tweet #2 on 15 July, 2018

🌈 Cozy Shots 🌈 Next up is……✨✨ Minato with #SaitoKento-kun who plays the younger brother 🐸 of Kota who got injured at the start of Episode 1 Minato-san who was thinking hard about the quiz question that Kento-kun gave. Then ➡ ︎he solved it brilliantly 💮 And […]

Good Doctor’s Tweet on 15 July, 2018

How are you spending the long weekend?☀ It’s too hot it’s almost burning🤦🏻‍♀️ And so to you over there We will be sending 🌈cozy shots🌈 of Minato × children✌🏻 This is with #OhyamaRento-kun who played Kota🐊✨ who was successfully saved by Minato’s […]