(Eng Sub) Todome no Kiss ep 01

MF (1.08GB, 1hr 11mins 4s)

Here’s ep1 of ? Kiss that Kills ? Thanks to kc for offering to help with the translations! We will be releasing 720p hardsubs for this drama. Meanwhile I’ll be flying in less than a week, and will probably not be able to watch the drama real time for the following 4 weeks… sobsss.

11 thoughts on “(Eng Sub) Todome no Kiss ep 01

  1. Hi! First, thanks for this fansite, literally the best source for informations! and Thank you so much for all the subs you make! I would like to make a suggestion though, since Todome No Kiss with english subs is already available on some jdrama sites, maybe you could make subs for the parallels who are nowhere to be found instead ? They are shorter so less work for you ? but it’s only a suggestion, it’s your site so you do as you like and i have nothing to complain about! 🙂 – tia

  2. Thank you very much for episode1 subs, finally I can browse here using firefox, (glad I tried this one) chrome doesn`t love me for so many months, hahaha and also my celfone I always see this notice
    “Bad Request
    Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
    Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.

    1. i’m glad u’re able to browse the site again! sou ka… hmm maybe u can try opening settings on chrome, go to cookies, search for ‘yamazaki-kento.com’ and remove all the cookies from this site… then try to refresh the page again. see if it works?

  3. Hi, where can i have a “no subs version”?
    Coz i want to place indonesia sub use subititle file version.
    Thank you ^^

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