Kento’s Instagram video on 1 June, 2020

#PictureBookReadingBaton The baton from @takumisaitoh_official san I’m passing the baton to @mitsuki_takahata san #TheSmallWhiteChicken #AStoryILove View this post on Instagram A post shared by 山﨑賢人 (@kentooyamazaki) Kento was passed the “baton” from Saito Takumi to do a read out of […]

Insta is hard for Mitsuki & Kento!?

Translation of Wotakoi’s tweet today: / #InstagramIsHardforMitsukiAndKento🤔⁉️ \ #MovieWotakoi Instagram Shoot Project❗️ 【Round 1】Takahata-san and Yamazaki-san take pictures of each other👫📸 To see how their photos turn out, check both their IGs 👍 #TakahataMitsuki #YamazakiKento #LoveisHardforOtaku Here’s the […]

TV Guide dan vol.28 covers

Yamazaki Kento will be featured on the front cover of ‘TV Guide dan vol.28’ that will be released on 24 January 2020. In recent months, ‘TV Guide dan’ magazine has been releasing two editions — a regular cover ed. which […]