Kento’s Instagram post on 29 May, 2020

kentooyamazaki Movie 『Kingdom』will be aired on terrestrial television for the first time nowPlease watch!And the Kingdom sequel has been decidedI’m really delighted!I’m grateful!I’m training to deliver the best sequel ever!Please look forward to it!#Kingdom #FridayRoadshow

GACKT’s post on 28 January, 2020

食事は楽しかったが、、、 賢人、オマエ天然すぎだろ!!! ところで、17万人に届かず…。 イチナナライブ、今日は無しな。 また今度。 —- Dinner was fun… Kento, you are way too hot-spirited!!! By the way, the number of followers didn’t reach 170,000… There won’t be 17LIVE broadcast today. Next time. Original Post @GACKT @kentooyamazaki #GACKT Original Post […]