Good Doctor’s Tweet on 20 June, 2018

And on such a rainy day today☂ Team #GoodDoctor recorded for 「Drama Tours」! #YamazakiKento-san and #UenoJuri-san chose the gift for the DoDora (Saturday drama) team and GO〜〜🍴 so please look forward to it🐸 What could the two of them be eating……😉?? […]

グッド・ドクター / Good Doctor (Lead)

On-Air: Starting 12 July 2018 Network: Fuji TV Type: Renzoku No. of Episodes: TBA Runtime: Thursdays, 10pm Screenwriters: Tokunaga, Yuuichi, Ohkita Haruka Producers: Fujino Ryota, Kinjo Ayaka Directors: Kanai Hiro, Aizawa Hideyuki Theme song: TBA Official site: Official twitter: @GoodDoctor2018 Image […]

「Good Doctor」 Poster Visual

From Good Doctor’s Tweet today. \\✨Poster Visual Release✨// Finally it’s released today👏🏻 We’ve done up a poster that’s filled with the warmth of Minato, played by Yamazaki Kento-san, and team🐸🌈 Catch copy is 「May all children reach adulthood.」 #GoodDoctor #YamazakiKento […]

Good Doctor’s Tweet on 29 May, 2018

A side-view shot 📷✨ of #YamazakiKento -san during the photoshoot for the announcement made the other day Preparations are well under way for the crank in of Good Doctor💪🏻 The announcement of the star-studded cast is coming soon too……✨ What kind […]