(Eng Sub) Todome no Parallel ep01

MF (87mb, 10min 53s)

Although this spinoff tells of what happens after Eight’s death, some scenes that are shown in the main drama are shown from another angle here. Most of the time we see Eight from Saiko’s point of view. His expressions are awesome! =D Watching the respective ep of domepara right after domekiss actually gives clues to the upcoming episodes. I’m not sure if I can get all the raws yet, but I should at least be able to get two eps done. I’ll work on ep2 after I’m back from my trip ne~ Yoroshiku!

36 thoughts on “(Eng Sub) Todome no Parallel ep01

  1. Oh I looked for everywhere ^^
    Thank you for this spinoff :))

    Good luck for the other translations 🙂

  2. awesome !!! thanks so much 😀 I am loving the main dorama so much, that I really wanted to see the paralell version!

  3. How do I watch this? I don’t know where to click, its just show the picture, not a video. Thanks!

  4. hi, im trying to download the todome no parallel episodes from your site, but there is just a picture and when i click download it refreshes me to another page T,T please help, i really wanted to see this after being heartbroken from the other drama’s ending!! x.( thank you so much also for putting it up

    1. hi, please click on the “MF” link below the picture. it’ll take you to the download page, then click the green download button. hope it works 😉

      1. Thank you so much!!! I did what you said and it worked!! Did you upload all the episodes? Because I cannot find them on your page. Sorry im new to your blog so I don’t know anything. I love your blog and will follow!!! Thank you for all your hard work

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