Good Doctor’s Tweet on 20 September, 2018

\\🌈FOC catch up streaming🐸Ends today🌈// The catch up video streaming of the final episode will end today at 23:09!… ⬆︎Today is the last day to watch at the above link✨✨✨  Let’s conclude 🌻Summer 2018🌻 with the final episode of 『Good Doctor』〜〜☝🏻 #GoodDoctor […]

Good Doctor shares offshot from ep01

📷Unreleased offshot📷 This was taken around the time when filming just started. #SaitoKento-kun, who appeared in ep01, with Minato-san😊🌈 1 shot during lunch break📸 By the way this pic is 《Photo by Director Kanai》✨✨ Double Kentos biting into pizza! #GoodDoctor […]