Good Doctor’s Tweet #2 on 15 July, 2018

🌈 Cozy Shots 🌈 Next up is……✨✨ Minato with #SaitoKento-kun who plays the younger brother 🐸 of Kota who got injured at the start of Episode 1 Minato-san who was thinking hard about the quiz question that Kento-kun gave. Then ➡ ︎he solved it brilliantly 💮 And […]

Good Doctor’s Tweet on 15 July, 2018

How are you spending the long weekend?☀ It’s too hot it’s almost burning🤦🏻‍♀️ And so to you over there We will be sending 🌈cozy shots🌈 of Minato × children✌🏻 This is with #OhyamaRento-kun who played Kota🐊✨ who was successfully saved by Minato’s […]

Good Doctor’s Tweet on 13 July, 2018

And he holds the portrait drawing and brought it to Minato……!!! Of course Minato-san was extremely delighted☺🌈 The two of them \\Okay! Hyokkorihan*!// This is already collector’s edition right✨✨ #GoodDoctor #YamazakiKento #MinegishiKiara #Ep2Airs19July #FujiTV *Admin note: Hyokkorihan is a comedian […]

Tokudane! 2018.07.12

This is the second of the ‘denpa-jack’ yesterday. Yamazaki Kento, Ueno Juri and Fujiki Naohito appeared live on Tokudane! to promote Good Doctor. They showed footage from Kento’s and Juri’s visit to Kyorin University Hospital’s Pediatrics Surgery department. Currently there […]