(Eng Sub) JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (Chapter 1)

Update: The movie has been released on Amazon Prime Video, and is also available on official english-subtitled DVD and Bluray. Please support the sales if you can!

Without further ado, here’s the english subs of the JJBA DIU live action movie! Being a JoJo fan myself, I really enjoyed subbing this, and I hope you enjoy watching it too! If you wanna know how the DVD/BD Collector’s Edition looks like, please refer to my tweet last week. The making was awesome! We all need more Josuke x Okuyasu love ne =D

73 thoughts on “(Eng Sub) JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (Chapter 1)

  1. Also, could I have permission to repost this onto Youtube? I’ll be sure to put the source with this site link in the description.

  2. aaaaa thank you so so much I’m so happy:”””) been looking for the subs for months:( please sub hyouka too if you have any time doing it:)b

  3. Thanks a lot for the subs. I already watched in cinema, but I want to keep all Kento’s movies. :*

  4. Thank you so much ! I can’t believe to have it so fast after the release ! Crazy work ! You’re amazing

      1. Ohh that’s a shame 🙁 I’d take even a google translated version 🙁 I understand though, cheers!

  5. Thank you so much though I already watched this, I just want to compile all his movies and series ~ありがとうございます。。?

  6. Thank you so much BRO!!!!!! Ive been looking for this subbed version for a very very very long TIME!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

          1. For a second i didnt what were you talking about until i long pressed the space i was about to reply i didnt see it.

  7. Thank you for subs! Firstly I though it’s april joke but it wasn’t 😀 So thank you! 🙂

  8. Where is the subtitles download link? I looked and looked but I can’t find. Please let me know.

  9. I haven’t read the manga or seen the anime but I really wanted to watch this and was totally not expecting to find it with subs available!! (I’d been looking for some time!) I was really happy to find this.. thank you so much for providing subtitles!! I really ended up enjoying this movie so much! The story with the brothers/father really got me at the end. I especially enjoyed the performances of both the actors for Keicho and Okuyasu~ Everyone did a great job. Thanks again^^

  10. Thank you so much for the subs❤❤❤ !!

    Please sub saiki kusuo and hyouka too please
    Please am dying to watch them !!
    Kento love ❤

  11. This must have taken ages to do, thank you a million for subbing and sharing!! I’m really looking forward to watching it <3

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