JOJO Kick Off Event -Notes- 2017.06.19

Kento attended the JoJo Regent Club Kick off event held at Toranomon Hills today. The event started at about 5pm JPT and was streamed on LINE LIVE and the official JoJo Twitter. I’m sharing the twitter version here for the event itself (cos landscape > portrait =D), and also the line cut for the post-event interview.

EventMF (256mb/ts)


  • About Josuke’s hair, Kento feels that it has more ‘volume’ than the usual regent hairstyles. His switch to “Josuke-mode” is turned on once his hair is set. He feels that Josuke’s dressing is stylish, and this is something that can only be found in the JoJo world.
  • He thinks that Mackenyu’s hair in the poster is awesome. Okada Masaki’s too. He said Keicho’s hair is even “taller” than Josuke’s.
  • During the filming in Spain, he has meals “together with Ryu-kun (Kamiki) and Macken almost everyday.” “Iseya-san, Masaki-kun and Takayuki-san too.” They also went to the stadium to watch Barcelona play live. “I saw Messi. I saw Messi, Neymar and Suarez. It was awesome.”
  • He bought a soccer ball in Spain. The beach was nearby so he played soccer with Kamiki. “Ryu acted a role who played soccer before… so we played, we did lifting and passing. Also together with Iseya-san’s manager, the three of us played soccer.”
  • Kento was in a soccer club when he was young. He joined from middle school onwards, and was close to his sempais and kouhais. There was a training camp in Ibaraki once, and he almost didn’t sleep a wink throughout but their team won the competition. “We had fun at night… we had fun in the morning too… we had fun in the day too.” That was when he was about 14 years old. He wore the Number 10 jersey (which is usually only given to the ace of the team ne). He looked shy when the MC mentioned that =D
  • To kick off the event, Kento literally had to kick a huge ball. Before the kick, Kento did some warm up on stage hahaha. The MC asked him how he was feeling, and he answered… “Bizzare” LOL
  • Although the ball didn’t go flying high above the cameras like he wanted, it did fly quite far. Kento commented that the ball was quite heavy. He asked if he could do it again, then immediately said, ‘ah no, the kick off should only be done once’.
  • There was a break, followed by a phototaking session.

After-talk @ MF (147mb/mkv)


  • Kento was interviewed backstage after the event, and this was streamed only on LINE.
  • He feels that Josuke is really cool, and there are aspects of him that he admires, like how he has certain policies that he strictly adheres to (like his hair lol). As for similarities, it’s probably the way they both care for their families.
  • Q: Was it hot wearing the regent hair wig? A: It was warm… It was a little hot.
  • He signed a press sheet that would be given to a lucky winner. He also showed us how the inner pages look like.

I shall stop here and take a break before compiling the other photos, videos and translating other posts haha. To end off this post, here’s a pic of Kento with the press sheet that he signed, posted by LINE LIVE twitter after the event =D

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