[Subs] Isshuukan Friends Making – Mezamashi 2016.12.20

Video source: bunbunies @twi

Seems like Kento has been filming summer matsuri scenes for two winters in a row ne. First it was Heroine Shikkaku, then it’s Isshuukan Friends.

Same like in Heroine Shikkaku’s making, it seems like Kento-kun and Haruna-chan also had to eat ice cubes (I’m assuming the paper cups they are holding contain ice cubes~~) before shooting the scenes, so that when they talk, their breath vapour would not be captured.

2 thoughts on “[Subs] Isshuukan Friends Making – Mezamashi 2016.12.20

  1. Whoa! Really? I thought eating ice cubes will make your breath vapor be seen more. That info you is interesting! Thanks.

    1. yeah~ chewing ice cubes will cool the temperature inside the mouth. if the air outside is much colder, breathing out or talking will cause condensation thus creating the vapour/fog ne… i learnt that from heroine shikkaku making : ) oh actually on closer look, he might just be drinking tea haha.

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