Yamazaki Kento ranks #1 for male person in Japan with most no. of Instagram followers

ZIP! reported this morning that Yamazaki Kento is ranked 8th in Japan for the person with most no. of Instagram followers. The seven people above him are females including his co-stars Kiritani Mirei and Nanao. At the moment, @kentooyamazaki has over 1.78 million followers.

Among all Instagram user accounts (including accounts for companies and non-humans) in Japan, Kento is ranked at #10. Kento started his insta account on 22 June, 2016 and has made only 27 posts so far. His no. of followers are increasing gradually every day, but I doubt he’ll hit the 2 million mark by the end of this year… UNLESS he posts something!

Kento-kun, we are all waiting for your next post yo ?

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