[Subs] Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April
121mins / 1334×720
English hardsubs @ MF (1.26GB)

Finally it’s done! I wanted to finish this before my trip, so styling and typeset were kept to bare minimum. I hope you’ll enjoy the movie! The Blu-ray & DVD will be released on 12 Apr and there will be 6 hours of bonus materials in it. Please support the sales if you can!

16 thoughts on “[Subs] Your Lie in April

  1. can I share this video on my website, please ? I’ll keep the credit & the link to this website

  2. Thanks for your hard-working! That’s so wonderful! We are a sub-team from South East Asia and we have an enthusiastic spirit with translating Kento-san’s film into our own language.. Unfortunately, none of us knows Japanese (actually some bodies are in charge of studying Japanese but still can’t hear and translate it fluently. So would you mind if we offered you to lend us your English softsub so that we can translate it into our own language? We’ll be sure to add full credit and give thank to you carefully. Sorry if this makes you annoyed. Love you so much!

  3. Hello there. Thank you very much. I appreciate your efforts. I would like to translate my own language. So can you give me softsubs, please? Thank you very much in advance ^^ Have good day ~~~~

  4. Hi, thanks for subbing it.. You do a really great job at it… By the way, do you have just the subs, because I have the 1080p of this raw but was wondering if you can email me the subs, thank you

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