Fansubs — Index

I was told it was a little difficult navigating through posts, so here’s my attempt to have an index of all the English-subtitled videos on this site. Just a simple one for now. Hope it helps. Dramas Good Doctor (ep1-10 […]

水球ヤンキース / Suikyuu Yankees / Water Polo Yankees

On-Air: 12 July to 20 September, 2014 Network: Fuji TV Type: Renzoku Runtime: Saturdays, 11.10pm (DoDora) No. of Episodes: 10 Average rating: 6.6% Theme song: “Asu e no YELL” by Hey! Say! JUMP Synopsis: In the town of Kasumi, young Inaba […]

山﨑賢人 / Yamazaki Kento

Basic Profile: Date of Birth: 7 September, 1994 Birth place: Tokyo, Japan Height: 1.78m Blood type: A Hair color: Black Eye color: Brown Profession: Actor, Model Talent agency: Stardust Promotion (Section 2) 🔗 Official website 🔗 Official blog 🔗 Official Instagram […]