[HD] VS Arashi 2017.02.16

This is almost 3 weeks late, but I guess better late than never! 

This was Kento Zakiyama’s 9th time on the show~~😂 Really fun episode, especially with that story about MatsuJun’s coat being ‘stolen’ by Zakiyama during (we assume) Muro Tsuyoshi’s birthday party 😂😂😂 The “spot the difference” game was real fun. And Zakiyama’s final kick in the soccer game…kakkoii ne✨

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13 thoughts on “[HD] VS Arashi 2017.02.16

  1. Hi! Sorry if I didn’t get it, but what is the pw? I tried to copy and paste the URL of this site but it didn’t work 🙁

  2. Hello. this will be the first time ever i will be posting in your site which is wonderful for fellow ken-chan fan. i want ask if you know about the episode with ookami shoujo cast and if you have it.. T-T Ive been searching everywhere for the episode but i cant find it anywhere…. T-T please help me where i could find and download it. Please and thankyou

  3. Please tell me where i can watch vs arashi episodes of Kento Yamazaki english subbed. I wanna watch it badly😭😭😭

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