Ano News de Tokusuru Hito Sonsuru Hito 2017.02.09

Kento in the 278,000 yen Gucci jacket (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

Basically, in this part of the bangumi, this guy created 5 different dishes from the same ingredient – a 1/4 napa cabbage chosen by Kento and Haruna – in 30mins. Kento and Haruna stood by the side and watched him whip out the dishes.

It’s funny how Kento’s focus seemed to be on the bag that was hanging by the guy’s waist instead of the cooking. He asked what’s inside, and was told that it’s actually the battery used to operate the light timer lol. Both Kento and Haruna were looking listless. They probably did so many recordings and interviews before this that they were drained…and hungry lol.

So the best part was when they finally got to eat the food! They were so cute, so natural, and refused to stop eating! They ate like they haven’t eaten the entire day.

I’ve cut out only the portion which they appeared in and the total clip length is about 22mins. Quality isn’t that good, but it was the best I could find => MF (134MB)

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