Yamazaki Kento’s ‘older twin brother’ appeared in Miura Shohei’s Instagram LIVE

Shohei-san started an Instagram LIVE in the wee hours this morning. Seems like he wanted to show his followers him watching ONE OK ROCK’s concert cos he started the live just as Clock Strikes was playing in the background. At first Shohei-san was only showing himself on the camera but he was laughing and looking at someone at the side…

He flicked the camera towards that person twice…. It was only later when we did a slowmo that we could capture Kento’s face like that. At that point of time, it’s probably quite hard to tell who it was.

I think Kento was making funny faces or doing something silly cos at one stage Shohei-san kept laughing. Then he said to Kento, “It’ll end in about 2 minutes…..” and “Hmm? Yes, the voice is recorded.” Then slowly, Kento crept into view….for just a few seconds.

Shohei-san: Is it okay with your management to show your face like that?
Kento: No, it’s bad, at such a time at night.
Shohei-san: It’s bad, right? Let’s end this! It’s a broadcast accident, a broadcast accident… That was Yamazaki Kento’s older twin brother.


Here are the videos shared by some kind souls on twi.

This video showed most of what’s mentioned above =D

And this one managed to capture Shohei-san’s “Yamazaki Kento’s older twin brother” comment at the end before it got cut off =D

4 thoughts on “Yamazaki Kento’s ‘older twin brother’ appeared in Miura Shohei’s Instagram LIVE

  1. just thought i’d say this in case anyone misunderstands~
    yamazaki kento doesn’t have a twin. the “older twin brother” idea was what miura shohei came up with so that kento wouldn’t get into trouble with his management company 😉

    1. You made me laugh SO HARD! I can’t believe you had to clarify that hahaha
      Anyway, thank you for always keeping us up to date with Kento!! <3

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