[Cut] Choumon Quiz! Shinjitsuka? Usoka? SP 2018.01.12

Sorry I’m not able to find decent quality of the full show, so have decided to only share this cut of the Opening, DomeKiss team’s first challenge, and Yamada Ryosuke vs Yamazaki Kento A-B-C challenge! Douzo!

Joining the DomeKiss team is Ueshima Ryuhei, who joked that he’s the instructor of the kiss scenes in Todome no Kiss. When Ueshima Ryuhei started “quarreling” and approaching Kento, the fans in the studio were already going ‘ehhh… don’t tell me…’ and they really kissed ne! OMG haha~ but Kento was so cool about it!

In the first challenge, there are 5 items listed. Out of these, 4 of them originated from Japan. They have to choose the ones that originate from Japan. If they fail, they’d be sprayed with ice lol. Macken and Kento seemed to be seriously discussing the answers when the camera zoomed in on them. The MC was like “this is a nice picture ne” and one of the guys said “I want to look at this forever” =D

Kento was the last to go for his team, so he was left with 2 choices only – konpeito (sweets candy) or beach sandals. Macken was whispering to Kento that he doesn’t think it’s konpeito, but Kento went with it, and…. ^^ LOL where the ice got frozen on his body^^

Then for the A-B-C challenge, it was a battle between the two lead actors for this season’s NTV dramas, Yamada Ryosuke vs Yamazaki Kento (Elric Edward vs Higashikata Josuke fufu~). They’d have to pick the right answer – A, B or C – and the first person to get 3 correct answers will win. I’ll just briefly translate the questions:

Q1: Which family restaurant is available in all 47 prefectures of Japan?
Q2: Which of these is a new word that’s added to the Japanese dictionary “Kojien” that’s released this month?
Q3: What is Prime Minister Abe’s monthly salary?
Q4: During a soccer match, how many players in a team can touch the ball with their hands?
=> For this question, Kento pressed the bell even before the A, B & C were read out. And he answered “11 players!” LOL! Everyone was like, you have to answer A, B or C yo! And he said “I don’t know which one (is 11 players)!” HAHAHA like of course, dude! wwww *speechless* Yamada was laughing so hard too. Fortunately, Kento’s answer “C” was for “11 players”, so he got that question right!

Q5: Which of these are names of real shrines in Japan?
=> Loved how they were both totally clueless…

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