Extract from Tsuchiya Tao’s Instagram post on 24 April, 2019

The first 「Gochi」 in 2 weeks?✨✨
Tomorrow 25th from 7.56pm,
broadcast on NTV!
The VIP guests this time are、
#YamazakiKento kun whom I’ve worked with in the three projects
Friday Drama 「Kuro no Onna Kyoshi」
Renzoku TV Shousetsu 「Mare」
Movie 「Orange」
and #HongoKanata kun whom I worked with in
Renzoku Drama W Higashino Keigo 「Kakko no Tamago wa Dare no Mono」.✨✨✨ How long has it been since I met them…??
Yamazaki Kento-kun is
like a comrade as well as a relative
It was a nostalgic reunion,
and during the filming we were as always
cracking up the whole time✨
Even though it was work, it felt like a class reunion?.

The 「Sexy Thank You Game」 also
became something amazing
so please please please!!!
The final #Gurunai 「#Gochi20」 of Heisei,
please look forward to it?✨✨

Screencap from the preview of the upcoming episode tomorrow!

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