Eyeful Home’s Facebook post on 25 August, 2017

[Our new image character has been decided!]

On this occasion, it’s been decided that actor Yamazaki Kento-san will be the new image character of Eyeful Home!

Yamazaki-san is right now at the height of popularity. To the extent that there isn’t a day you don’t see him on TV. To think that from now on I can do promotions for Eyeful Home with the refreshing Yamazaki Kento…! I can’t help but look forward to it too.

Everyday I’d feel I have an affinity with Yamazaki-san everytime I see his ads on TV or in the train… (lol)
In the next post, I’ll introduce the new CM! Everyone, please look forward to it ♪

And this was Uu, the person in charge today.

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