Fuji TV 2018 Summer Drama Tours 2018.07.07 – Kento Cut

Who’s the one saying “Ah, choma–” now? *LOL*

MF (320mb, 20mins 28s)

Fuji TV has this drama tours every season, where cast of their new dramas will go on locations to choose food to present as gifts to the cast of another drama. This season, it’s getsu9 (Absolute Zero 3) -> moku10 (Good Doctor), and moku10 -> dodora (Genkai Danchi).

The getsu9 team led by Sawamura Ikki sent some cold katsudon and cold ‘high-class’ chinese cuisine to the Good Doctor team. Sawamura was like “Yamazaki Kento is here” and touched Kento as if to make sure he’s real~ After Kento, Juri and Totsugi tried out the dishes, they played a simple game to see which team gets 10 seconds to promote their drama.

In the second part of the video, Kento and Juri went to a restaurant specializing in cheese. And since Shindo Minato has savant syndrome, Kento and Juri played a little memory game. Kento could only remember “cat! pig! cow!”, “cat! pig! cow!”, “cat! pig! cow!” LOL

Hmm I don’t know which is cuter, Juri’s rabbit ears or Kento’s rooster comb ^^

I love them both!! ❤

Then the second dish, which was something boiling in a pot. They asked the owner what’s this dish called, and the owner was like “fuwa-fuwa cheese fondue…………. nabe.” LOL he almost forgot the name of his own dish! After trying this fondue, both Kento and Juri decided to choose this for the dodora team.

They went to the second shop which specializes in chinese herbs. They were served unagi don which was cooked in a sauce that contained over 100 types of chinese herbs. They believe in healing the body with food (ah~~ like Trussardi ne, LOL). They decided on this for the dodora team as well, but they had to rush back for filming, so they left the task of ‘delivering the food’ to their fellow cast, Totsugi and Nakamura Yuri, who insisted on trying the food first before delivering it to the dodora team in………… Hachioji (not in Tokyo, LOL).

Anyway, Good Doctor team, otsukaresama deshita! XD

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  1. Thank you so much for translating. Nice combi-Juriken hahaha. so happy to see Juri chan having fun with Kento kun

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