(Eng Sub) The Forest of Wool and Steel

The Forest of Wool and Steel / Hitsuji to Hagane no Mori
133mins / 1920×800
English hardsubs @ MF (1.93GB)

“Through failure, doubt and persistence, a young piano tuner forges his own path in a lush, mellifluous tale about growth and self-discovery.” 

Sorry for the long wait. I’ve finally moved into my new place and got my internet activated. Though I’m still not used to life here and am far from being ‘settled’ lol, at least I have a decent internet connection now. In time for Kingdom rush ^^!

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15 thoughts on “(Eng Sub) The Forest of Wool and Steel

  1. Thank you so much!! Really appreciate all your efforts 🙂 I hope you manage to settle into your new place well!

  2. Hi! There’s no opcion for send a message? I like ask for your permission to based my subs in yours, i’m spanish subber and i really aprecciate that you could give me your permission, of course that i’ll give you all the credit for english subs in the video and posting the direct link to your page in all my accounts, i hope your answer and thank u very much for the subs y really love Yamazaki kento ^^ My best wishes for you.

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