Good Doctor Screening 2018.07.08

A special screening of the first episode of Fuji TV drama “Good Doctor” was held today in Tokyo. The event was attended by a total of 160 children up to the age of 15. Their parents were watching the session live in the theatre next door. Yamazaki Kento, Ueno Juri and Fujiki Naohito greeted the audience after the event.

During the Q&A session, a 10 year old boy said that he dislikes it when people say to him ‘you’re handsome ne’ or ‘you’re cute ne’ because he doesn’t know what to say in response. He asked Kento, Juri and Naohito for advice. Kento said that “you’ll just have to admit it!” ^^ Naohito told the boy that he can just say “thank you”. Juri also said that “it’s okay to just smile and say thank you”.

Naohito’s impression of Kento during filming – “The child actors/actresses are very attached to Kento-kun. During breaks, they’d make him play with them. They keep telling him to hold down this chair that has tires attached to it (?), and he’d always be doing it for them without showing any displeasure. I think he’s awesome.” Apparently they’d move up and down the 50m corridor about 10 times. Sounds exhausting lol~

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  1. Thanks for the translation. Fujiki san praising Kento kun makes me happy. i am also a fan of Buchou (hotaru no hikari) hahaha

    1. me too! i liked him since antique, then “buccchouu~~~~” came. and juri-chan too, i was nuts over nodame back then haha. this is like a dream cast for me ne ^^

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