Happy 27th Birthday, Kento Yamazaki!

Our dear Kenken a.k.a. Ken-chan turns 27 today! Happy birthday!


It’s been a rather quiet year in terms of Kento acting projects, with only a movie release earlier this year. But we know he was filming Kingdom2 and is now filming AiB2. I wonder if we will get any news from the set today hehe. Anyway, I’m sorry I’ve been really busy lately. I haven’t prepared any subs or translations this year. But I hope all Kento fans will have a happy Kento Day today. My wish for Kento is, as always, to be healthy and happy. It would be nice if he updates his IG, but tbh I don’t need him to update it very often. As long as we get periodic updates from Manager-san or any of his friends, as long as I know he’s doing well, that’s enough for me haha. Stay safe, everyone!

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