[HD] Hitsuji to Hagane no Mori SP

This is the special program aired on TV to commemorate the release of the movie. Amano Hiroyuki interviewed the cast, and Director Hashimoto was special guest in the studio.


Cast talk

6 months before the filming, Kento started piano tuning lessons.

It’s hilarious, the sound effects and hand actions that Kento and Ryohei used to demonstrate the moment the piano key is hit, to the sound being produced (i.e. the wool hammer hitting the steel string). It isn’t as simple as just hitting the key and the hammer hitting the string lol. When they disassemble everything, it’s like “an endless forest” lol


I loved this scene, his expression the very first time he heard Kazune’s piano~ Tomura really loves Kazune’s piano ne. Yeah, even if the whole world prefers Yuni’s piano.

Another scene I like is the same as what Moka-chan likes, this one which shows Tomura being “filled” with the image of the forest, when he ‘feels’ the forest.


Kento laughing over Ryohei “tuning” the clapperboard =D

Filming took place in cold snowing Asahikawa, Hokkaido, in February 2017. At night, the temperature went down to -10 degC.

This kid only appeared in one scene of the movie, but it’s so like Kento to be playing with children outside filming time~ and he seemed to be enjoying himself more than the kid.

With the sisters too~

Etto…what are you doing?

They talked about filming the scene where Yanagi chases Tomura. During the rehearsal, Kento ran off so fast that Ryohei really found it difficult to stop him lol. Ryohei said, “Then during the actual take, when he made the turn at the corner, *points to Kento* he fell.” LOL

Kento listening attentively to the director’s instructions for the hard-boiled egg scene, which is one of my favourite scenes of the movie! I can’t look at hard boiled eggs the same way after =D

The director’s style is very ‘analog’, and doesn’t rely much on CG. So even for the opening scene, the shadows of the trees were made by real people holding branches in the school hall. I was laughing when Kento said, at first he was wondering WTH they were doing haha.

Director Hashimoto said that they decided from the beginning to film it the analog way. I read from another interview with Miura Tomokazu, that Director Hashimoto films in the conventional way, so the same scene might be filmed multiple times, each from a different angle (vs a scene being filmed just once with multiple cameras).

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