[HD] Nittere Push “Todome no Kiss” 2018.01.04

We all need this in HD ne~?

Apart from introducing the story, this 20+min preview also showed us cast interviews and some precious behind-the-scenes footage! There’s Mugi-chan holding up Kento’s face (before a kiss?), the horse spitting at Kento’s hand lol, Kento and Yuko-chan talking about ponies vs horses, and of course Suda Masaki teaching Kento the guitar chords of theme song “Sayonara Elegy” ? I’ve always liked seeing Kento play the guitar and sing~~ Was the last time in Arashi ni Shiyagare? ?

Pretty screencaps:

Just seeing Kento walk down the bridge with Suda playing guitar at the side got me all excited lol. As expected of a sudaken fan? 😀

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  1. aaahn is there a version of the raw of this episode for download? i’ve just discovered this site today and i’ve been binge watching all his episodes on vs arashi but this one since has been taken off for copyrights

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