Hello world. This is Saiki Kusuo!!!!!!

This was what greeted us when the countdown timer hit “0 Day, 0:00:00”. KYAAAAA they gave us everything ALL AT ONCE – cast announcements, poster visuals AND the teaser trailer!!!!



Cast posters:

30s teaser trailer:

Kento’s comment:

I was really really happy to be able to act with the Fukuda group that I longed for. It was hell trying to hold back my laughter, and there were times when my facial muscles were about to give way. I realised that it was so difficult to make people laugh. I could challenge a kind of genre and acting that I’ve never done before. The cast were the best. The staff were the best. In any case, I felt that laughter, enjoyment is the most important. I hope that everyone will laugh and be happy in the theatres.

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