Hyouka x My Melody goods

Earlier this year, Ichifure did a collaboration with Little Twin Stars. This time it’s Hyouka with My Melody. Fans who attend the special Halloween Night event today will also get the chance to buy these ahead of the official release date.

「Hyouka Clearfile」 ¥400

「Hyouka×MY MELODY Clearfile」 ¥400

「Hyouka×MY MELODY Pass Case」 ¥1,080

「Hyouka×MY MELODY Lunch Totebag」 ¥1,620

「Hyouka×MY MELODY Scrunchie」 ¥800

「Hyouka×MY MELODY Acrylic Charm」 ¥700

※all prices include tax
※on sale from 3 Nov (Fri/PH) at most theatres screening 『Hyouka』 and chara-ani.com.

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