JoJo’s OP Title & BGM

JoJo released a series of clips containing actual footage from the movie today, including the opening title and the following four Stand battles:

  1. Crazy Diamond vs Star Platinum
  2. Star Platinum vs Aqua Necklace
  3. Crazy Diamond vs The Hand
  4. Crazy Diamond vs Bad Company

However I’m only going to talk about the opening title here cos the rest are spoilery lol. If you’d be watching the movie soon in theatres near you, I’d suggest you not watch those clips first!

On to the opening title:

Love, love, love it! It was something that stood out yet fits the tone of the movie. The vibrant colours and quick cuts gave me goosebumps (in Japanese English, I’d call it “tension UP” lol). Everything about this OP was kakkoii. Today we find out that the background music was provided by Marty Friedman, ex-guitarist of heavy metal band Megadeth.

The title of this BGM is “Diamond is Unbreakable” (track 28), and it’s one of the two pieces I liked in the movie. The other is when Josuke first appeared, titled “Crazy Diamond” (track 20). I’d recommend these two tracks – which were both played during the end roll credits. Here you can listen to snippets of and purchase individual tracks =D

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