JoJo’s Tweet -Josuke & Jotaro- on 20 June, 2017

Today, it’s interview day for Yamazaki-san, Komatsu-san and Iseya-san❗️ Shots? of Yamazaki-san and Iseya-san who were somehow in high spirits ・・・「Let’s pose for a picture✨」「How about this??」「Then I’ll do this!」 #jojomovie

This uncle-nephew pair is so cute!

Anyway, for fans who haven’t read the manga or watched the animes, the ‘uncle’ here is actually Josuke (Kento), although Jotaro (Iseya-san) is older LOL. In the original DIU story, Jotaro is about 28 years old, but although Iseya-san is already 41, he does look suave and also gives off that cool reliable feel ne. Really looking forward to the Josuke-Jotaro scenes!

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