Kaku Kento says Yamazaki Kento is “like an angel”

This is Kaku Kento who’d be playing the role of Kuboyasu. I feel that this movie has exquisitely matched the world perspectives of both Fukuda-san and Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan. All my co-stars were really fun, especially Yamazaki Kento-kun. He’s a boy who’s like an angel, makes me wanna bring him home. As I’d be playing an ex-yankee character, I made a ‘picking a fight’ face and my facial muscles became kinda strange, but the filming process was really fun. Please look foward to the movie.

Btw, this is not related to Saiki, but CONGRATULATIONS to Kaku Kento and Eikura Nana! They are expecting their first child this summer!! おめでとう~✨

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