Kento “appeared” on Todome no Kiss Instagram LIVE this morning

Well, only his hand… and his voice =D

Sano Hayato did an Insta live via Todome no Kiss Instagram at 7.30am this morning. Many fans were asking about Kento and Macken, and he said Macken wasn’t around but Kento was. He also revealed that Kento was wearing a cap and was kakkoii. Then towards the end of the live, it seems like Kento walked over, and we could hear him asking Sano, “has it ended?”. Here is a cut from the live, which you can still view at the Todome no Kiss Instagram today.


Sano was like “Everyone, that’s Kento-kun’s voice~” and “Everyone, that’s Kento-kun’s hand~” lol. He also said that the moment Kento came on, 1000 more people joined the live lol. He said that Kento is as kakkoii as ever. But they are unable to show us Kento’s face due to spoilers [note: they are filming the final episode now].

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