Kento as Chuunibyou & Oryo as Saiki K.

Kento updated his Instagram! Actually he looks cute as Chuunibyou too ne! I think Kento did REALLY well as Saiki. He showed certain facial expressions that I’ve never seen him do before HAHA. I feel that this movie can be his “representative work” =D

kentooyamazaki 10/21
Released today
Stage greeting
A fun movie
Hope you’ll not think of anything and just laugh while watching
Laughter is No. 1
Hope you’ll laugh and feel happy
We switched
Saiki kusuo no sainan

Sorry I only just got back! We went to one Aa Kouya aisatsu and three Saiki K. aisatsus today! Haha yeah we took Fukuda-san’s double-header advice and saw Suda first then Kenken =D So I shall slowly catch up on updates and translations over the next few days/weeks/when I have time heh heh. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

2 thoughts on “Kento as Chuunibyou & Oryo as Saiki K.

  1. Ah Koya n 3 saiki? Sugoiiiii. Otsukaresamadeshita. Woah lucky. I wish I can see them in person too. Take your time. Well Kento looks good in everything. A true LA prince/ king. Thanx for sharing. Go yukkuri in translating busybee. Hahaha. Proud of you.

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