Kento’s Instagram post on 15 January, 2017

It’s been ages since we had an update from him on IG, but this has sent fans into a frenzy.

Few questions that raced through my mind were:

1) Was his account hacked?
2) Who’s that girl?
3) Wait, is that even a girl? lol.

Well, let’s wait and see.

Update @ 6.30pm (JP) : Many people are speculating it’s Iitoyo Marie, as they were seen filming a CM last month in Akita. Of all the female actresses’ names (Kiritani, Arimura, Sano, etc) that appear in the comments, I think it looks most like Marie-chan. In any case, it seems like both Kento and Marie will appear on Mezamashi TV tomorrow – according to this tweet at 6.01pm (JP) – so there’s a high chance that this is true. We will find out tomorrow!

Update #2 @ 6.45pm (JP) : We don’t need to wait till tomorrow. Mezamashi TV has confirmed in this tweet at 6.36pm (JP) that they will be bringing us exclusive information on the new CM featuring Yamazaki Kento and Iitoyo Marie! Finally the mystery is solved!

10 thoughts on “Kento’s Instagram post on 15 January, 2017

  1. CM means “commercial movie” not message ; )

    whatever. his fanbase need to grow up. even if he would post a photo with his girlfriend -> who cares? he’s human…

    1. It originates from the word ‘commercial message’, but we simply call it commercials or advertisements ; ) Well, I guess he has many fans who are still really young (and are still growing up anyway). I’m sure the majority of his fans would be happy for him if the then-mysterious person turned out to be his gf.

    2. who says kento is not a human? hhh -_- well at least, we just shocked. we just need for clarification 🙂 even if kento really has a girlfriend, we will be happy for him! though our heart will be broken (lol), we still want to support him ne~ ?

      1. “our hearts will be broken” that comment alone proves my point. he needs people who actually care about his acting not just horny girls..

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