Kento-Kousei & Wadango-Watari!

From Wada Masanari’s official blog post titled 「Stage Play Your Lie in April.」 on 5 April, 2017:

In 『Your Lie in April』stage play

I’ll be playing the role of “Watari Ryota”.

Tokyo: 24 August (Thu) ~ 3 September (Sun)
Osaka: 7 September (Thu) ~ 10 September (Sun)

Tokyo: AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo
Osaka: Umeda Arts Theatre, Theatre ・Drama City

Arima Kousei: Anzai Shintarou
Miyazono Kaori: Matsunaga Arisa
Sawabe Tsubaki: Kawauchi Misato 
Watari Ryota: Wada Masanari
Ikawa Emi: Yamashita Haruka 
Aizawa Takeshi: Yokoi Shojirou

Premium seat 9,800yen (incl. tax/all seats reserved) ※c/w bonus・front seats
Ippan seats 6,800yen (incl. tax/all seats reserved)

Kento acted as “Arima Kousei” in the movie 「Your Lie in April」.

The rental of the movie starts today, and the DVD/BD release is coming up soon.

When I reported that I’ll be acting in the stage play, he wore my spectacles and said let’s take a photo.

The two of us were talking this and that about how great this piece of work is.

It’s a really brilliant piece of work.

And professionals will be performing live on stage.

Really looking forward to it.

I hope that this piece of work will reach a wider audience, and be loved even more than it’s been so far.

May it not be forgotten by everyone who watches this stage play, may it live forever in that person’s heart.

I’ll live on loving this piece of work.

From tomorrow, I’ll also do my best, to be happy my way, with a smile!!

I almost titled this post KK & WW lol. They are a cute Kousei-Watari pair ne. The movie rental starts today, so it’s a week more to the release of the BD/DVD! Can’t wait!!

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