Kento sings “15 no Yoru” on PON!

A song that Yamazaki Kento always sings in karaoke is Ozaki Yutaka’s “15 no Yoru”. On this morning’s PON!, they asked him to sing the song while “riding” on the “bike” lol. You can see Mackenyu laughing in the background cos Kento was so ‘expressive’ HAHA. After that, Kento said he was embarassed LOL.

We all knew that there was a period Macken stayed over at Kento’s place ne. But Macken had to go to Kita-kyushu for a month, so they couldn’t meet (Macken: it’s like I’m his girlfriend lol). So during that period where they were physically apart, Macken made video calls to Kento =D Kento revealed that Macken is someone afraid of being alone…

As for the type of girl that he likes, Kento gave a simple answer, “cute girls” lol. Anyway it’s nice to see the boys together again ne. If we can’t get a JoJo sequel, at least fans can see them act opposite each other again (though I still want my Josuke-Okuyasu bromance…).

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