Kento to attend “JOJO Regent Club・Kick Off Event”

According to a post by staff on Yamazaki Kento’s official blog, it’s been decided that a kick off event will be held ahead of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable live-action movie release. Yamazaki Kento is expected to make an appearance during the event.

JOJO Regent Club・Kick Off Event
Date/Time: 19 June (Mon) Evening
Venue: Toranomon

This event is limited to female high school students. The actual movie will not be screened then, but I do hope there is media coverage – for the sake of fans who aren’t able to attend.

4 thoughts on “Kento to attend “JOJO Regent Club・Kick Off Event”

  1. female highschoolers??? it’s a movie about freaking JOJO. the Jojo fans are mainly MALE and a lot of them young adults. do they really give a shit about the fans from the source material they are adapting in favor of the fandom of the lead actor? with something like this they just prove everyone that Yamaken was not cast because he would fit the role. he was cast because underaged girls thirst after him.

    1. Hey, cool it. You know how those highschool girls in Budogaoka high school go crazy over Josuke and his silly regent hairstyle? This event was probably named “JOJO Regent Club” for that reason =D

      1. it’s canon that josuke BEAT the shit out of you if you make FUN about his hair. but that’s all (just type into YouTube “What did you just say about my hair?”)
        i’m not even a Jojo fan but this whole event is just disrespectful to the actual fandom. to treat such an iconic 30 year old shonen like this is like doing a ‘in they forties male only’-event for a shoujo like Sailor Moon. and like i mention above it just proves everyone’s prejudice that they only cast him to bait pubescent girls : / not because they acknowledge his talent …

        PS: i don’t judge him. he don’t even have a say in this stuff anyway. he’s just a puppet of stardust.

        1. i’m a jojo fan, watched the animes and i even own the mangas. i’m female and far from being a young adult, let alone a highschooler. yeah i’m a fan who would not be able to attend the event because of age restriction. but that being said, josuke is a high school student himself, and his horde of fangirls at school are obviously also your ‘female highschoolers’. my point is, i don’t see how this is being ‘disrespectful’ lol. ANYWAY, this event is soooo small that it’s not even mentioned on the official jojo site. it’s prob juz one of those collabo events for 100 lucky fans. i obviously only posted about it here cos this is a yamazaki kento fansite. not sure why this is even a topic for discussion in the first place when it’s common these days to have high-school related events for movie releases in which the protagonists are also highschoolers themselves.

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