Photobook 「KENTO YAMAZAKI」 to release 24 April 2019!

Yamazaki Kento will release his fourth photobook next month, on 24 April, to commemorate his 10th year anniversary in showbiz. Photos were shot in Los Angeles. Amazon Japan, Kadokawa, Rakuten and Stardust Shoppers are giving exclusive Kento photographs as tokuten if you order from them. But no matter which shop you choose from, this is a MUST-BUY! =D

Photographer: Araki Hayato
Release date: 2019/4/24 (Wed)
Price: 3,240 yen (incl. tax)
Size: A4 wide, 144-pages
Publisher: KADOKAWA

Pre-order links:
Amazon (c/w Amazon-exclusive photo)
Kadokawa (c/w Kadokawa-exclusive photo)
Rakuten (c/w Rakuten-exclusive photo)
Stardust (c/w Stardust-exclusive photo)

*Note: Out of the above stores that have tokuten, Amazon JP is the only one that ships overseas.

Finally! 4 years ago, he released the photobook 「Scene #20」 when he was 20. Now he’s 24. (It’s purely coincidence that the release date is 4/24 rite lol~) The photographer this time, Araki Hayato, was also photographer for 「Scene #20」. Last year some time in Nov, after Good Doctor ended and before iQiyi in Beijing, there were eye witness reports of Kento in America. In Oct last year, Kento also visited Araki’s photo exhibition. It all fits now LOL.

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