Kento’s Instagram Post on 19 February, 2017

Premiere [completion screening]
Zenyasai [event on the eve of release day]
And Shonichi [opening day]. I’m really happy that many people came to watch.
The people who came, really thank you so much. Please support Isshuukan Friends.!

P.S. Kento is doing the “Takashi yade” pose LOL.
P.P.S. And I really love that print shirt! <3

2 thoughts on “Kento’s Instagram Post on 19 February, 2017

  1. ah ya! that is “Takashi yade” pose ne! lol. anyway, what i’ve seen in online videos, takashi didn’t looks so cheerful like usual… am i right or it’s just my feeling ka? haha. and kento seems more closer with uesugi today… (especially uesugi posted his photo with kento in his insta) hehe

    1. ah i think takashi was just nervous ne. but yeah kento was always nudging and having eye contact with uesugi thruout the two aisatsus i attended haha.

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