Kento’s Instagram post on 29 May, 2020


Movie 『Kingdom』will be aired on terrestrial television for the first time now
Please watch!
And the Kingdom sequel has been decided
I’m really delighted!
I’m grateful!
I’m training to deliver the best sequel ever!
Please look forward to it!
#Kingdom #FridayRoadshow

5 thoughts on “Kento’s Instagram post on 29 May, 2020

  1. Nice pic ^-^. Just early last week I watched “Kingdom” on Blu-Ray. I´m glad to read that the sequel is decided now. And yesterday I watched “Sato Familys breakfast” (thanks to your excellent subs). Kento sure is an extraordinary actor. I always enjoy watching him so much. MDL states that he will also do a new TV-dorama ^-^.

    1. He’s an extraordinary actor indeed 🙂 And yes, he has a Netflix drama this year called Alice in Borderland, which is also directed by the Kingdom director 🙂

      1. The drama MDL mentions is called “Imawa no Kuni no Arisu”, but it says Netflix, so it´s problay just the Japanese title of the same drama. Hopefully Netflix in Germany will also show the Kento-drama. We do not get everything in Europe. Some Thail-Bl-series like “Sotus” can be watched on Netflix USA, but not in Europe regrettably. Well, I hope the popularity of “Kingdom” helps to push the drama to Europe.
        At least “Kingdom” saw a first class Blu-Ray-release in Germany ^-^.

          1. Excellent – thank you for the link. And yes, indeed it´s already listed with German text, so we will get it. They have not stated a release-date yet, but I could already mark it with the “Remember”-button and will get a notification once it´s available ^-^. I´m really happy about this. Kento has been absent from series for quite a while now. Of course “Kingdom” obvioulsy bound him for a long time and before that he kind of filmed non-stop for some time – there will always come a time when the body and soul needs some rest after such a marathon.

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