[Message] 20120229 – Denpo Biyori

Posted on 2012-02-29 21:07:51
Denpo Biyori


I’ll be acting in the internet drama 『Denpo Biyori』!

The role of Hirakawa Ryota
Broadcast date: from 7 March (Wed)

Episode 6 「Graduation」


From today
the preview can be viewed.


A sorrowful love story of a high school student who will soon graduate.

Please watch!!

3 thoughts on “[Message] 20120229 – Denpo Biyori

  1. This is the only Kenken`s drama that I wasn`t able to watch. I hope someone will share this.
    Moshikashite do you have? Couldn`t find any link.

      1. woah thank you so much, it`s okay as long as I can watch him, but please take your time, I can wait. yoroshiku ne. Have fun and stay safe.

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