[Message] 20140524 – Episode 7!

Posted on 2014-05-24 20:55:25
Episode 7!

Batto [note: baseball bat]


Yowakutemo Katemasu

Last week’s episode 6


Kamezawa had problems

and had to resign from the club

Everyone was lonely and sad, but…

Everyone sang the school song together
and we saw him off in a way
characteristic of Jotoku baseball team

It was a really good episode.


Today it’s episode 7

The Jotoku baseball team has become strange after Kamezawa’s departure

Ebato will try to gather the team together, and encourage everyone, but
he finds it difficult to do so

He’s growing up a little being the captain
Although Ebato is captain, he will be troubled.


We will have a camp training


The Jotoku way.

watch over me.


Umbrella batto


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