[Message] 20141101 – Stage『Satomi Hakkenden 2014』Thank you

Posted on 2014-11-01 23:48:20
Stage『Satomi Hakkenden 2014』 Thank You

『Satomi Hakkenden 2014』

It’s been a while since I wrote here, but…

Stage『Satomi Hakkenden 2014』

I was given the chance to lead in my first stage play
which is full of firsts for me, but…

I was supported and surrounded by a brilliant cast and staff
and was able to conclude the opening day smoothly

Then, we had 2 shows today

and I’m really grateful
that many people
came to watch.

During the curtain call
we received a standing ovation

To see such a sight from the stage
was overwhelming for me.

One show at a time
while enjoying it
I’ll do my best to convey something

Next time
I’d like to write a lot, but…
I’m really curious about
what everyone felt when they watched the play,
and if everyone could see the words on the crystal balls

I’ll be happy if the audience could feel something from the play, even if it’s only something small

Thank you for the many flowers too.

From now, I’d like to dash and smash my way through, all the way till senshuuraku [note: final performance] of the Tokyo shows. Please give us your support.

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