[Message] 20141210 – Grateful

Posted on 2014-12-10 19:08:50


『Satomi Hakkenden』


Starting from Tokyo’s New National Theatre




At the place where Satomi Hakkenden was born、
Tateyama of Chiba, I’m really glad to be able to welcome the all-last.


A total of 30 shows
I’m really thankful to every person who came
Thank you for the gifts and flowers.


It felt long yet short
but it was a pretty enriching period
Although it was all a first for me
To be able to act in front of the audience
The atmosphere of the theatre
A sense of unity
The passion
I felt the stage’s charm to the fullest


Every day I was deliberating, and thinking about whether I should emphasize this or that more in certain scenes, and if I should change things a little day by day, etc. Somehow these little changes, however minor, were really enjoyable.

For me
to be able to lead in my first stage play, is all thanks to
the people who supported me
The staff and cast
the enthusiastic and brilliant company
and everyone who came to watch
Everything that I saw and felt on the stage
I will definitely
not forget.

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