[Message] 20170604 – Eternally Grateful

Posted on 2017-06-04 08:43:00
Eternally Grateful

Stage play
Satomi Hakkenden
We were able to complete all 33 shows successfully

Thank you very much for the
many flowers, letters and presents

Everyone who came to the theatres, thank you so much

I’m really glad that every single person made it to the end safely!
All staff and cast, really otsukaresama deshita.

With the addition of new members to the reliable members last time,
this time too, we had the best company!

This being a re-run of Satomi Hakkenden, I lived as Inuzuka Shino twice. What I’ve learnt from this experience has for certain become a substantial part of me.
with Tateyama, the home of Satomi Hakkenden,
as a start,
I’m really happy that we could deliver our performance in 12 cities

I received a great deal of power.
Thank you very much!

I’m really grateful!

From now on too,
I’d like to cherish
each and every day!

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