Mezamashi 2017.07.27 – Who’s the Most Bizarre Person?

Q: Who’s the person who did the most bizarre actions during the filming?

Kento, Kamiki, Okada => Macken
Macken => Yamada
Yamada => Kento

Interviewer: Arata-san gets 3 votes!
Kento: When I first met him, he looked at me like that *stares*, then said “it’s nothing.” and I was like “what was that? he’s scary.” At first I thought he was bizarre.
Okada: He worked on his body a lot. He was doing muscle training in the studio. And he was beside me, going “Aniki!!! Aniki!!! Aniki~~!!!”
Macken: Can you let me explain? If this goes on, people will think I’m super weird. During the filming, I was always in my role. It wasn’t Arata Mackenyu that’s saying “Aniki!”.

Q: Who’s the most bizarre actor among you?

Everyone => Yamada

Interviewer: Everyone said Yamada-san, including Yamada-san yourself.
Yamada: I’m the winner.
Interviewer: Yes, you are.

Interviewer: I’m looking foward to this movie where these BIZARRE PEOPLE are appearing in.
All: LOL

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