Mezamashi TV 2018.07.11

Ah! Eh? Ah! (86mb, 5mins 44s)

Totsugi Shigeyuki meets Yamazaki Kento and Ueno Juri for some shaved ice. One thing for sure, Kento really loves matcha =D When he found out the shop serves matcha flavour, his eyes widen and went “Ah!”. His reaction from eating the matcha vs the strawberry flavour was quite different ne hahaha~

Sorry I couldn’t stop my hand from taking all these screenshots~

That second shop they went to serves really interesting shaved ice ne. I kinda wanna try that creme brulee thing. Love Juri-chan’s reaction ~ ^^

Episode 1 of Good Doctor airs tomorrow at 10pm! Otanoshimi ni!

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