Minato makes cameo appearance in “Good Resident”

The official Good Doctor twitter has been posting a 4-koma (four panel manga) called “Good Doctor Resident -NakaMaruNo’s Another Story-“ after each episode, featuring side stories involving the other three resident doctors in the Togo Memorial Hospital Pediatric Surgery department. It’s called “NakaMaruNo” as it’s a combination of their names. In the 4th episode posted today, our Shindo Minato made a brief appearance in one of the panels! Translations below each image.

–NakaMaruNo’s Another Story–

?【Episode 4】?

The three who were running around in the hospital chasing after Akari.

Then when they could finally rest…

(Cameo Appearance)

Hashiguchi: My leg is cramping! My leg is…
Nakajima: Huh!?
Marui: Ehhh!?

※ Minato was just passing by
Nakajima: You’ll be fine if you stretch here
Marui: Don’t worry!! Little Hashiguchi is here with you!!
Hashiguchi: Ouuchhhhh!

Marui: Uwah! My leg is cramping too~
Nonomura: I’m going stretch it for you, Marui-sensei!!

Marui: Ouchhhh
Nakajima: My knee is cramping up too…
Nonomura: The hell! All of you guys lack exercise!

– End –

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