Misaki Ayame’s Instagram post on 16 Dec, 2020


Sharing an off-shot-ish thing…。
On the last day of the hide-and-seek
Arisu drew this for me, but at that time I was exhausted every day and thought “Oh!”, but now when I think back, I wonder what this was…? Well…? Who is this…? LOL.
But, I was blessed that I could enjoy filming with a nice and caring team member ☺️?
(@kentooyamazaki )
#Imawa no Kuni no Alice #aliceinborderland

Let me translate the text:

Left speech bubble:
Hide and Seek
It’s the 5th day <3
Nfu <3

Left side below speech bubble:
Good morning
Last spurt!?

Right speech bubble:
Good work <3
We still have (to shoot) tomorrow, so we’ll leave first. Nfu <3
See you
Byee! (Abayo!)

So Kento drew General Ou Ki ne! Kawaii~ He’s really yasashii ne <3

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