Music Station’s Tweets on 15 June, 2018

Msute shared a backstage two-shot of Tsujii Nobuyuki and Yamazaki Kento, before the live broadcast of the show.

They also shared a video 🙂

His hair!!! So, Kingdom filming has ended ne? 😉

4 thoughts on “Music Station’s Tweets on 15 June, 2018

    1. kingdom is the movie that kento is rumoured to be leading.

      here are some of my tweets about this:

      although it’s not been officially announced yet, it seems like he was filming kingdom (after todome no kiss ended). he was spotted in china, and also in kumamoto recently with yoshizawa ryo. they were recruiting male extras for an “upcoming action movie by sato shinsuke” in kumamoto.

      then only last week, he said this:

      it all fits ne ^^ kingdom is an action movie, and his character shin would have to ‘move a lot’ (fight, ride horse, etc). that’s probably why he lost so much weight, and also why his hair was kept at that length recently…

      1. Wow Arigatou gozaimasu for that extensive information !!!

        Am so happy to hear this news
        I did not know about this info since it is found nowhere official !!

        You are doing a great job with this Fansite !! ???

        Love kento ❤ ❤❤!!

  1. thank you very much, Kenken is such an adorable guy. yoku ganbatteru … I guess Kingdom filming has ended, it`s time to gain weight again…

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